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July 20, 2021 Latest News

Well, it’s a great day to sit on a terrace with a barrel-fermented Nodus Chardonnay. Fruit and vanilla, fresh and harmonious Nodus Bobal is a great wine because it perfectly captures the essence of our native variety. You could say that it is our right eye. This range of wines takes its name from the […]


July 6, 2021 Latest News

Fruiting occurs in late June or early July. The flowers are transformed and the grapes are born. Still green, they mark the beginning of the final stretch.    

  Make a reservation and enjoy any of the wine tourism experiences that Bodegas Nodus has to offer. Tell us the day and type of visit you want and we will contact you to confirm the reservation. Bodegas Nodus offers four different experiences four you to enjoy our estate and our wines at your own […]

  The Ecovino 2021 Awards have already unveiled its track record, the result of blind tastings of more than 300 organic wines. The Chaval Rosé wine obtains a Great Gold and En la Parra white obtains the Gold Medal in the category Whites without Contact with Wood. Also, the Nodus Chardonnay hangs a Gold Medal […]

Raquel Peñarrubia and Gregorio Murcia run the Hotel Rural Entreviñas. They will be happy to suggest any type of activity or recommend some picturesque corners within the Finca el Renegado and Las Hoces del Cabriel so you can enjoy your stay.      

Chaval Rosé wine from Bodegas Nodus has obtained 91 points in a wine tasting of the Bobal variety carried out by the prestigious specialized magazine Decanter.  The wines were blindly tasted by a panel of experts led by Sarah Jane Evans MW, Christine Parkinson and Beth Willard, and achieved the highest score of all Spanish […]

New barrel room

February 15, 2021 Latest News

Oak is used in winemaking to vary the color, flavor, tannin profile and texture of wine. It can be introduced in the form of a barrel during the fermentation or aging periods. Our winery has a new barrel room, where the family’s signature wines rest. Within the Nodus range, the aging in French oak barrels […]

Nodus wines

January 29, 2021 Latest News

Nodus wines, the company’s jewel in the crown. This range encompasses our high-profile wines, those with excellent quality and character, and concentrated aromas; the different coupages and ageing in French and American barrels gives each wine its own personality. Nodus: high expression, quality and character.    

El Renegado dawns in a white cloak. The vintage greenery is beautiful but seeing the farm with snow is simply magical. The snow draws El Renegado in the color of purity and authenticity. Wonderful! Winter has come and snow floods it all around.    

Wine tourism

November 11, 2020 Latest News

The second Sunday of November is the World Wine Tourism Day. Although this year the celebration is more atypical due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to vindicate this day as a fundamental pillar to extend and disseminate the culture of wine. Wine tourism is a type of tourism related to the wine sector whose […]