Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide

En la Parra Blanco, Capellana Tinto, Nodus Chardonnay and Nodus Signature red wine have won the gold medal in the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide, an essential reference for professionals and wine lovers from all over the world. We continue to add medals and good scores in international competitions!

En la Parra Blanco it’s a young white wine, of the Chardonnay and Muscat varieties. 100% organic wine with Vegan certification.

Capellana Tinto is a wine of the Tempranillo variety created for daily consumption, very elegant and lively.

With the Chardonnay grape from El Renegado estate, magnificent musts are obtained that fermented in new oak barrels result in this unsurpassed Nodus Chardonnay wine.

Finally, Nodus Signature Red wine is an excellent red wine matured in barrels.

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