New barrel room

February 15, 2021 Latest News
barrel room

Oak is used in winemaking to vary the color, flavor, tannin profile and texture of wine. It can be introduced in the form of a barrel during the fermentation or aging periods. Our winery has a new barrel room, where the family’s signature wines rest. Within the Nodus range, the aging in French oak barrels […]

Nodus wines

January 29, 2021 Latest News
nodus wines

Nodus wines, the company’s jewel in the crown. This range encompasses our high-profile wines, those with excellent quality and character, and concentrated aromas; the different coupages and ageing in French and American barrels gives each wine its own personality. Nodus: high expression, quality and character.    

The Renegado Land

El Renegado dawns in a white cloak. The vintage greenery is beautiful but seeing the farm with snow is simply magical. The snow draws El Renegado in the color of purity and authenticity. Wonderful! Winter has come and snow floods it all around.    

Wine tourism

November 11, 2020 Latest News
wine tourism

The second Sunday of November is the World Wine Tourism Day. Although this year the celebration is more atypical due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to vindicate this day as a fundamental pillar to extend and disseminate the culture of wine. Wine tourism is a type of tourism related to the wine sector whose […]

2020 Awards

October 26, 2020 Awards
2020 awards

Our wines have born from the love of a land, they convey many emotions, and international festivals have been responsible, also in 2020, to corroborate this.  Here is a list of the awards obtained for our wines in this year 2020: Nodus Chardonnay: 90 points in the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide Gold Medal at […]

Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide

En la Parra Blanco, Capellana Tinto, Nodus Chardonnay and Nodus Signature red wine have won the gold medal in the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide, an essential reference for professionals and wine lovers from all over the world. We continue to add medals and good scores in international competitions! En la Parra Blanco it’s a […]

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