moth treatment

Treatment against the moth due to sexual confusion to protect the ecosystem: the sustainable commitment of Bodegas Nodus

The grapevine moth is one of the main pests affecting grapevine crops throughout the world. To combat it, Bodegas Nodus has opted for a very effective and sustainable control technique: treatment for mating disruption.

This method consists of the emission of synthetic sex pheromones that confuse the male moths, preventing them from reproducing and, therefore, effectively reducing their population. Furthermore, unlike other control methods, the mating disruption technique does not affect the rest of the ecosystem or other beneficial insect species for the vine.

At Bodegas Nodus, this technique is part of its commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. The winery works with the company Suterra, specialized in the production of synthetic pheromones and other pest control products, with a focus on sustainability and effectiveness.

Sexual confusion is a clear commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, and at Bodegas Nodus they are proud to be pioneers in its use in the Valencian Community. With this technique, the winery contributes to the protection of its natural environment and the production of quality wines that are respectful of the environment.

If you are a wine lover and you are concerned about the environment, Bodegas Nodus is your winery. Discover our selection of wines and our commitment to sustainability. Health!

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