prowein 2024

Prowein trade fair

We’re at Prowein 2024 in Düsseldorf!

Find us at Booth I80-b37 / Hall 11

If you’re here, swing by to say hi! We’d love to meet fellow American wine enthusiasts and share a taste of Spain with you.

Nodus Wineries at ProWein 2024: a meeting of innovation, flavor and tradition

ProWein 2024 has closed its doors, but the echo of the conversations, meetings and innovations presented still resonates strongly in Bodegas Nodus. During the intense days in Düsseldorf, we had the privilege of being part of this global meeting that defines the direction of the wine sector, uniting professionals from all over the world in a space where innovation, flavor and tradition are masterfully intertwined.

A space for meeting

Located at Booth I80-37 / Hall 11, our space became a meeting point for friends, colleagues and new contacts interested in discovering the latest proposals from Bodegas Nodus. Every glass served, every conversation started, reaffirmed our commitment to excellence and our passion for sharing the legacy and innovation that characterizes our wines.

Innovation and tradition: the pillars of ProWein

ProWein 2024 witnessed the strength that innovation and tradition have when they merge. Amid the diversity and richness of proposals, Bodegas Nodus stood out for remaining faithful to the essence of what we are: an unwavering commitment to quality, respecting our roots and at the same time, exploring new ways to surprise and delight the most demanding palates.

The importance of being present

Participating in ProWein is not only a business opportunity; It is an affirmation of our presence at the forefront of the wine sector. It is a space to learn, to be inspired and, above all, to remember that we are part of a global community united by the love of wine. This year’s experience has filled us with ideas, future projects and confirmation that the path we are taking is the correct one.

Looking back at the days of ProWein 2024, we feel inspired and grateful. Inspired by the innovations and trends that will mark next year in the world of wine, and grateful for the warm reception that our wines have received. This event has reinforced our determination to continue working so that Bodegas Nodus is not only synonymous with quality and tradition, but also with an innovative and sustainable future.

We thank everyone who stopped by our booth, shared a glass of wine with us and took a moment to learn more about Bodegas Nodus.

Until ProWein 2025, where we hope to meet again, share and continue growing together in this exciting world of wine!