Bodegas Nodus wines reach high scores in Verema’s Guía ADN 2022.

Nodus Chardonnay has taken 91 points, while Nodus Merlot Delirium and Nodus Summun have taken 92 points.

  • Nodus Chardonnay: Our own El Renegado Estate grow the Chardonnay grapes which, once the must has been fermented in young oak barrels, create this unbeatable Organic Wine. This incomparable, wonderful wine is obtained with magnificent musts produced from the Chardonnay grape grown on the estate. Only the highest quality must undergo a cold maceration to extract its full potential, which is then fermented in new oak barrels. Fermentation of the Nodus Chardonnay in new oak barrels gives it a nuance as distinct as it is decisive. Categorised as an organic wine since the 2018 vintage.
  • Nodus Merlot Delirium: An exciting and passionate wine with a remarkable fruity character and interesting complexity. Delirium is made from a careful selection of merlot grapes, a multi-award-winning wine that deserves to be in your cellar.
  • Nodus Summun: The power of Tempranillo, the fullness of the Merlot and the character of the Cabernet Sauvignon have been perfectly fused, creating Summun, an exceptional red wine. The exquisiteness of this wine is fruit of the care taken during its production on the property, and the perfect blend between tradition and innovation.