moth treatment

Treatment against the moth due to sexual confusion to protect the ecosystem: the sustainable commitment of Bodegas Nodus The grapevine moth is one of the main pests affecting grapevine crops throughout the world. To combat it, Bodegas Nodus has opted for a very effective and sustainable control technique: treatment for mating disruption. This method consists […]

First buds

April 25, 2023 Awards
first buds

Welcome to Bodegas Nodus ¡Bienvenidos a Bodegas Nodus! 🍇 It’s that time of year again when our vineyards come to life with the first buds of spring. 🌱 As the new growth emerges, we can’t help but feel excited about the potential of this year’s vintage. 🍷 We’re proud to bring the flavors of our […]

Holm Oaks Race

V edition of the 8 Holm Oaks Race The V edition of the Race of the 8 Holm Oaks of Bodegas Nodus is already here! Next June 4 at 9 a.m. you have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience running through vineyards and surrounded by nature. This event is sponsored by Dorsal1, Hotel Rural […]

Millesime BIO 2023

January 31, 2023 Awards
millesime bio 2023

Gold Medal for Nodus Chardonnay 2022! Proud to announce from Montpellier that Bodegas Nodus has achieved the only medal from Valencia at Millesime Bio 2023! US folks, if you’re around Montpellier, come visit us at Stand 23, Hall B1 and let’s raise a glass to the Nodus Chardonnay 2022 awarded with a gold medal. We […]

verema adn 2023

Awards for Bodegas Nodus wines Great news for Bodegas Nodus! Our wines have been rated highly in the prestigious Verema ADN 2023 Guide. 🍷 Nodus Summun has been awarded with 94 points, Nodus Merlot Delirium with 93 and Nodus Chardonnay with 92 points. ✨ We are proud to present these exceptional wines to the world […]