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BMW Engasa celebrated last Thursday at its Quart de Poblet concession, after two years without events at the facilities, the premiere of a project with which this year they will visit the Natural Parks of the Valencian Community with the most efficient models of the brand to show BMW’s commitment to the planet with the […]

Bodegas Nodus

The company We show you this corporate video that shows everything that Bodegas nodus includes: our estate, vineyards, our staff, the winery, rural hotel, tasting room, restaurant, etc. Live the Bodegas Nodus experience.


Bodegas Nodus wines reach high scores in Verema’s Guía ADN 2022. Nodus Chardonnay has taken 91 points, while Nodus Merlot Delirium and Nodus Summun have taken 92 points. Nodus Chardonnay: Our own El Renegado Estate grow the Chardonnay grapes which, once the must has been fermented in young oak barrels, create this unbeatable Organic Wine. […]

Holm oaks

February 11, 2022 Latest News
holm oaks

El Renegado estate lies in a pine forest and has eight monumental holm oaks. In addition to the influence that this vegetation has on our wines, it creates spectacular spaces around the estate for celebrations and personalised tastings. Sleep among the grapevines, watch the sunset under centenary holm oaks, dine and chat in spectacular surroundings, […]

The heart of Bodegas Nodus El Renegado estate is the heart of Bodegas Nodus, one of the most special places that you can find in the world of Valencian wine. El Renegado estate is the home of bodegas Nodus. There we have the vineyards all around, wich is where we work and produce Nodus wines. […]

Nodus Bobal Gold Medal

December 17, 2021 Awards
gold medal nodus bobal

Nodus Bobal 2019 has won a gold medal at Asia Wine Trophy 2021. At Bodegas Nodus we are in luck. Our 100% organic Nodus Bobal 2019 has been awarded a gold medal at this year’s Asia Wine Trophy edition, which was held in Daejeon (South Korea), from November 8 to 11. The jury, made up […]