N Gin Two

A spanish gin for a perfect gin tonic



A perfect gin to combine with tonic and for use in cocktails.
Volume: 70 cl

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Type: Tristilled gin

Juniper, white pepper, coriander, rind of lemon, angelica root and meltwater of Sierra Nevada mountains.

Alcohol Level: 39º

N’GIN 2 is obtained from a high quality alcohol, is a gin of 39% alc./vol., obtained by distillation in double copper still, in which the botanists are macerated and distilled individually to later make a last distillation for assembly.

Crystalline and clean.

Predominates the essential aroma to juniper, accompanied of fine and elegant notes of white pepper. At the end are very noticeable, giving that touch of freshness that makes it unique, coriander and rind of lemon.

N2 is silky, without edges, and kind thanks to its graduation. It emphasizes above all that slight spicy touch that characterizes it and makes it unique.

Perfect Serve N Gin Tonic:
5cl of N Gin Two, 20 cl of tonic, white grape macerated with N Gin Two. Twist of lemon and orange rind.

Cool the glass with abundant ice (6 to 8 ice stones) and remove the water with the help of the strainer. Scoop 5cl of N Gin Two, add the grape inside the cup and perfume the two twist with the aid of the ice tongs. Then serve the tonic with the help of a mixing spoon and without sudden movements to avoid losing carbonic.

  • N GIN TWO – 90 POINTS at the famous “PEÑÍN” Guide of Spirits, SPAIN 2016